"Fellowship", the highly anticipated second album from the Glenn Zaleski Trio,
is now available.

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4/25/2017 - New blog post up today. This one features a bunch of inspiring and surprising quotes from some of my favorite classical pianists, followed by my impressions of them. Check it out at my blog.
4/24/2017 - I'll be hitting the road in May to support the release of my new record, "Fellowship". I'll be in Philly, the Midwest, and the West Coast, culminating with a CD release show in New York at the Jazz Standard. I'll be playing with many different incredible musicians along the way, and also a few solo shows, which I haven't done for a few years. All of the details are on my itinerary. Check them out, and hope to see you out there!
3/24/2017 - For a limited time, all CDs from the store will ship for free! Check them out here.
3/23/2017 - Newly released records added to the discography section.
2/24/2017 - Thrilled to announce that my new record, "Fellowship", is released today. This record, my second as a leader, features mostly my original compositions, alongside the great Dezron Douglas on bass and Craig Weinrib on drums. You can preview the music and order a copy here.

To learn about the album in more depth, you can read the liner notes that I wrote for the record at my blog. You can also see some videos of the trio here. The sheet music from the recording session is also available for download at the store.

The release tour for the record will start in May. Dates are still coming in, but we'll be in the Midwest and the West Coast, as well as in NYC at the Jazz Standard. Check the itinerary for more details.

I'm really excited about this record and can't wait for you all to hear it! Thanks again for checking it out, and hope to see you out there soon.

2/9/2017 - Added a bootleg recording from last month's gig at Mezzrow with Stranahan/Zaleski/Rosato, playing one of our favorite blueses. Check it out here. And find more at audio.
2/3/2017 - Added new March dates to the itinerary.
1/30/2017 - Added a form to subscribe to my blog. Subscribers will recieve email notifications when I post something new. (Which I hope will be about monthly.) Check it out and subcribe here.
1/24/2017 - My first offical blog post is now up. It's a collection of surprising and informative quotes from great jazz pianists ranging from Teddy Wilson to Keith Jarrett, and of course followed by my two-cent analyses. Check it out here.

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