Archived News Updates

6/7/11 - It's been an exciting first half of 2011! It all began with the release of "Duet Suite", a duo project featuring my brother Mark on saxophones (alto, soprano and clarinet). We played two very sucessful CD release concerts in Boston and New York, and the CD has received some great reviews! Here's a review from Something Else. We will continue to have duo gigs throughout the summer: July 16th at Framingham MA's Amazing Things Art Gallery, and July 19th as a part Cambridge MA's Kendall Square Performance Series. Check out the itinerary for more details.

Shortly after the release of "Duet Suite" it was time to go back into the studio to record a new project that I am absolutely thrilled about: Stranahan/Zaleski/Rosato. This collaborative trio, featuring Rick Rosato on bass and Colin Stranahan on drums, first performed in September 2010 as part of Rick's Artist Series at Montreal's Upstairs Jazz Club. The weekend of performances was explosive (check out "On the Road" on the media page). Within weeks of the trio's debut in Montreal, plans to record were already in motion. In February, after a performance in Colorado at Dazzle Jazz Club, we went into the studio to record our debut album for Capri Records: "Anticipation", which will be available in September 2011! Look forward to keeping you all posted about its release and performances to follow!

Also in the fisrt half of 2011 I have had the privilege of playing on three newly released CD's: Steven Lugerner's "Narratives", Jake St. John's "Invisible Noise", and Jim Stranahan's "Free For All". Steven Lugerner and I have been working on his quintet music together ever since we met as New School students in 2007. The "Narratives" septet will tour California in July, featuring a performance at the renowned Yoshi's Oakland on July 24th. Jake St. John and I met as fellow NYU graduate students, and his original music has been very exciting to put together. The CD release party (also the quartet's first public performance) will be at the Local 269 on June 25th. Jim Stranahan and I met through his son, Colin. Jim's "small big band" music was a real blast to put together, and the record sounds great! Please check the discography page for more details concerning these fantastic projects.

Last year I was selected as a finalist for the APA Cole Porter Fellowship in Jazz. After a year of performances, the finals finally came this past April. The experience was a thrill, and featured a weekend of trio and solo performances, as well as a duo performance with the great Dee Dee Bridgewater and a specially comissioned big band arrangement by Brent Wallarab. Unfortunately I didn't end up winning the fellowship, but thanks to the APA for hosting such an incredible event and providing such generous support to young American pianists. The next jazz fellowship awards will be in 4 years: pianists out there, you don't want to miss this opportunity!

And after all of that, I finally finished school. In May of 2011 I graduated from NYU, earning an MM in Music Performance, Jazz Piano. Fortunately I have a busy summer planned with lots of exciting performnaces and travel plans. Tomorrow I head off to Wisconsin to perform with the Zodiac Ensemble, a band led by close friends and incredible musicians Mike Bjella, Karl McComas-Reichl and Aaron Kruziki. We'll be performing in Stevens Point, Madison, Des Moines and Iowa City, and will definitely be worth checking out if you're in the area! Also in August I'm looking forward to heading back to Stockton to teach at the Brubeck Institute Summer Jazz Colony, which is always a highlight of my year. Thanks again for checking out the site!

1/2/11 - Today I am thrilled to announce the release of my new CD, "Duet Suite", a duo project featuring myself and my brother Mark on woodwinds. Mark and I have been playing duo since the very beginnings of our careers (we used to play in local restaurants when I was 13 and he was 15!), so, needless to say, this is a project that is of strong personal significance for the both of us. The material is comprised mainly of standards that we have been playing for years, along with one original, the title track, "Duet Suite". You can preview the CD here, and it is available for digital download at,, and the iTunes Music Store. Be sure to check out our New York CD Release show on January 16th at Caffe Vivaldi and/or our Boston CD Release show on February 4th at The Taylor House! (itinerary)

In other news, this fall has flown right by, but not without a host of exciting musical events. First, in September, I traveled north to Montreal to play at the Upstairs Jazz Club with Rick Rosato, a virtuoso bassist as well my close friend and former roomate. Together with Colin Stranahan on drums the trio played two incredible nights of music. You can hear a clip on the media page. We will be performing together again in February at Denver's Dazzle Jazz Club. I can't wait for this gig! Check the itinerary for more details.

Other fall highlights have been a wonderful "Trio Night" at the 5C Cultural Center, my brother and I's annual duo concert at Calliope Theater in our hometown of Boylston, MA, a fantastic recording session with drummer/compsoser Jake St. John (details to follow...), and a performance at Dizzy's with the NYU Big Band featuring special guest Joe Lovano.

In early December I traveled to Indianapolis for the first round of the APA Cole Porter Fellowship Awards. This was an exciting week that began with a three day residency at Indianapolis' Lawrence North High School, working and performing with the wonderful students there. Then I played an adjudicated set at The Jazz Kitchen, which was a night as nerve-racking as it was sucessful. Check out the review here. The finals are in April, and are sure to be a blast.

And to top it off, I had the privilege of bringing in the New Year at Dizzy's, this time performing as part of Antonio Madruga and Generations. This was a project featuring three pianists and rhythm section, the other pianists being the wonderfully talented young Antonio Madruga and my old friend and colleague Alex Brown, and the rhythm section being my fellow Brubeck Institute alumni Cory Cox and the young powerhouse Russell Hall on bass. We also had special guests Chad Lefkowitz-Brown on tenor, and a surprise sit-in from the legendary Cyrus Chestnut! The whole week at Dizzy's was incredible and I'm honored to have been part such a project.

And with that we're into 2011. My New Year's Resolution is to keep this section of the website more updated, so stay tuned for more exciting news. Happy New Year to all!

8/28/10 - Summer 2010 has been an exciting one, filled with plenty of recording, performing and teaching. It started in Denver with The Modern Jazz Quintet, where we performed at Dazzle Jazz Club. I am glad that this performance is becoming an annual tradition, and I look forward to visiting Denver again. Also while in Denver, the Quintet backed up Jim Stranahan for a recording session of his original "small big band" music. Great fun was had by all, and it is certain be a great record!

Next month I had the fortune of doing another recording, this time here in Brooklyn at Systems Two. The leader was Steven Lugerner, a fellow New Schooler who put together a wonderful septet to record his original material. Definitely check out Steven's website for more details on this release, as well as the many other projects he has developing.

Then in August I headed to Stockton, CA (also becoming an annual tradition) to teach at the Brubeck Institute Summer Jazz Colony. Year after year there is an astonishing level of talent at this high school program. I've said it before, but as a "teacher" at this program I feel like I'm doing as much learning as anything else. Thanks to the colonists for their talent, the faculty for their wisdom, and the Brubeck Institute for hosting such an inspiring week!

My last project this summer was just wrapped up yesterday in Boston, where I was doing another recording. This time it was a duo recording with my brother Mark, a fantastic alto saxophone/woodwind player. We have been playing duo since we were kids, so putting the material together was natural and fun. This recording should be ready in time for our annual Calliope duo concert in Boylston, MA, so stay tuned!

And with that it is back to NYU for one more year of school. I look forward to the studying and teaching that I will be doing next year. Also coming up is a quick visit to Indianapolis to kick off the 2011 APA Cole Porter Fellowship, and a trip to Montreal to play with my old roomate and virtuoso bassist Rick Rosato! As always, check the itinerary for more local gigs. Also, I put a great new track of the Quintet up on the media page. Enjoy the rest of your summers, and thanks for stopping by the site!

5/12/10 - Good news! I recently learned that I will be a finalist for the 2011 APA Cole Porter Fellowship in Jazz! The APA is a wonderful organization and it is an honor to have been selected from such a vast and talented pool of applicants. Please check out the APA website for more details about the competition.

I'm looking forward to keeping you all posted with more details about the competition as I get them, so stay tuned. Also, I've added a few new gigs to the itinerary. I'm especially excited to play with The Modern Jazz Quintet again in June; it's been far too long since our last gig. Enjoy the site, and stay tuned for more news!

4/3/10 - It's finally beginning to feel like spring here in Brooklyn. And it's just in time for Senior Recital season! This month I have the honor of playing on seven of my friend's senior recitals. Check out the itinerary page for more details.

The beginning of 2010 has been a busy one. It all started with a great series of gigs in Toronto with The Modern Jazz Quintet. We also did two days of recording. I'm looking forward to when that music will be available: stay tuned for more info. The Quintet then had a big disappointment in February when our trip to New Orleans had to be cancelled due to inclement weather in NYC. Since then we've been on a bit of a break, but we'll be back in action this summer at Dazzle! (June 11)

Although one trip to New Orleans was cancelled, I had the good fortune of visiting that city in January with Maria Neckam. We played some wonderful gigs and enjoyed some fine cuisine; I really hope to get down to that city again sometime soon.

I'm very excited to be returning to Stockton, CA next week where I will be playing at the Brubeck Festival with the 2007 Brubeck Institute Alumni Quintet! The people at the Brubeck Institute and University of the Pacific have always been so supportive, and it's always an honor to be invited back to Stockton. Then I'm looking forward to a summer that will be spent primarily in New York. Hope to see you all sometime soon, and thanks for checking out the site!

12/23/09 - Greetings from my hometown of Boylston, MA! It sure is cold up here. Now that 2009 is quickly coming to a close, I figured it was a good time to update the site a little bit. There are finally new videos in the media section: One of a great hit with Karl and Colin, another a funny little candid video that Colin recently took. Also added a few pics to the gallery and updated the image rotator on the homepage. I've also finally got my email address up and running, so feel free to drop me a line at!

What I'm most excited about can be found on the itinerary page, though. I am happy to say that the Modern Jazz Quintet will be doing more playing in 2010, including hits in Toronto, New Orleans and New York. Also while in TO, we will be making a new recording!!! Certainly more details to follow...Check out for more info!

Looking forward to a few quiet weeks in MA. So until 2010, enjoy the site, and happy holidays!

9/26/09 - It is my pleasure to formally introduce The Modern Jazz Quintet! (website under construction...) This is a band that has existed for 3 years and has performed with great sucess at such venues as Jamboree (Barcelona), The Rex (Toronto), and Dazzle (Denver). The band is Brian Chahley on trumpet, Lucas Pino on tenor, Chris Smith on bass, Colin Stranahan on drums and myself on piano. Our next gig in New York is at ROSE Live Music in Williamsburg, October 4th at 10:30. Please check the itinerary for Modern Jazz Quintet performances, it's a band you really don't want to miss!

8/18/09 - Finally back in New York after a busy summer. It all started with a gig in June with the Colin Stranahan Quintet at Dazzle Jazz Club in Denver, CO. The gig went extremely well, its always exciting to get to play with my closest friends/ fellow Brubeck Institute alumni. We have our first gig in New York together coming up on Sept. 6th at Rose Hall. Check out the itinerary for more details. Hopefully the first of many...

Then it was off to Luzern, Switzerland to attend the annual IASJ conference. The country was beautiful, the music was great, and I made some incredible friends from all around the world. The IASJ is really a very inspiring organization.

Then from Switzerland it was off to Phoenix to play a variety of gigs with Lucas Pino. The first was a quartet gig with Phoenix veteran and fantastic drummer Dom Moio, as well as our beloved roomate and bass virtuoso Rick Rosato. Then we played another very special concert at Steinway of Phoenix featuring Arizona legend Charles Lewis on piano, Lucas, Rick, and myself also on piano. Then Rick, Lucas and I finished off the week with a trio gig. Thanks again to the crowds in Phoenix for being so supportive, look forward to getting back there.

The the last leg of the summer's traveling was spent on the West Coast. I played a very exciting tour with my brother Mark's band. We played 12 gigs traveling up the West Coast, taking us from LA to Portland. The tour was an adventure, certainly not without its obstacles (including cars breaking down, cars being broken into, stuff being left behind, poorly attended gigs...), but certainly including many great sucesses. We played some fantastic gigs, saw some fantastic sights, and really grew as a band. Check out to hear some recordings from the tour.

From my brother's tour I headed back to Stockton, CA to teach at the Brubeck Institute Summer Jazz Colony. Having attended the Colony as a student in 2004, it's really a thrill for me to return now as a teacher. Interestingly enough, as much as I learned at the Colony in 2004, I've learned much more now as a teacher. Seeing such an extremely high level of talent is always inspiring.

So now I'm back in Brooklyn, trying to cope with an unairconditioned apartment... Please enjoy the updated website. I've added some audio highlights from this summer's work, including a track from Dazzle with the Colin Stranhan Quintet, a track from Nello's pizza in AZ with Lucas, and a studio track I recorded at the beginning of the summer with Dave Robaire, Vanessa Dunlop and Marcus Gilmore. I've also added some new picutres to the gallery, a new record to the discography, and some new gigs to the itinerary. Look forward to being in New York for the fall and attending NYU. Should definitely have some exciting news to post in the near future. Thanks again for checking out the site!

5/31/09 - Hello everyone, just updated the site a little bit, added a more comprehensive biography and this image rotator for the home page. I've also got a few videos in the works, should be up soon.

I'm excited to have graduated from the New School last week, and now looking forward to the traveling I'll be doing this summer. This Wednesday I'm headed out to Denver, can't wait to play at Dazzle again with a group of my closest friends. Playing with them is so inspiring.

Well that's about it for now. I'm happy to say that has made it to Google, so thanks for checking out the site. Look forward to keeping it updated!

5/21/09 - Today brings the world premiere of Glenn! Thanks for stopping by and checking it out. I am excited to finally have my website up and running, and look forward to keeping everyone updated on what's happening in my musical career.

Although this page just opened today, there's a lot to check out, so please enjoy all of the media and information that is available. I will be updating the page regularly with new audio and video recordings, gigs, and general news, so stay tuned!